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   Here is a little background on myself and the "Boss Cat Legacy". I grew up in Fisher, MN which is a town of about 400 people just west of Crookston MN and 45 minutes south west of Thief River Falls. My father's best friend, and a man that has been pretty much like an uncle to me, is Paul Eggebraaten. He started his snowmobile racing career in the 67 I-500. In 68 he came in fourth on a Panther. He raced on the factory oval team from 70-73 and was heavily involved in the Boss Cat program. He raced both the BC II and the BC III. I also grew up in the same area as other AC greats, namely Dale Cormican, Denny Ray, Charlie Loften, Roger Janssen and Vern Ricard. It's not hard to have the interest I do after growing up with the stories of these guys. I also worked at Arctco in the early 90's, mostly on the start of the Tigershark program. My website, which  I started in 2005, has really been a joy to develop. I wanted to create a one stop website for distributing information on everything that was and is "Arctic Cat".

Stephen Knox


Special thanks go out to the following and many others for inspiration, images and info.

Without them this website would never have been possible.

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