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1970 Boss Cat 0

Drivers: Marvin Ode and Roger Janssen

This is the "original" Boss Cat that was raced by Marvin Ode and Roger Janssen. It was built as a speed run sled by Arctic Enterprises for the 1969-70 season. The engine was built by Dick Schellbach. Dick built many custom JLO engines for Arctic Cat's speed run sleds in the late 60's and early 70s. This one was made from the components of six 372 JLO singles and three 744 JLO Mod twins on a custom made crankcase/crankshaft. The motors were tied together with a chain then onto the track with a chain for a direct drive system. In the days before track stands it took five or six guys to start it. Two would lift the rear end up and two would pull the twin recoils trying to start the motors at the same time while one or two more would work the two throttles one on each side of the bars. They would let it warm up then drop the rear end and the sled would slowly gain speed. In the picture the sled in the back is a push sled with a clutch which got the sled up to speed faster before its power took over. It had a best run of about 102 mph. This sled's career consisted of about 5 runs. It was seen by one of our visitors in the early 70's. It was behind the factory sitting in the tall weeds along the fence. The current owner has it in unrestored condition but there is talk of him having it restored. The missing part of this sled had been the one of a kind seat built for the sled. It turned up a few years ago and now has made it's way back to the Boss Cat's current owner.



****The Boss Cat 0****


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