You can only make something great if you make it for yourself.

bosscatlegacy is the largest platform I have to express myself from.

This is not a political statement but a spititual one. <3

I am taking a break to pursure more relevent issues that we are all facing.

Once you've had a peek behind the curtain you can't put the rabbit back in his hat.


The truth forever hidden, cemented with lies.

Powerful unions, plotting and planning our demise.

We've awakened to the fact that this world is not quite right

And because of this we've found that love is our only might.

I feel everyday earth's frequency rise.

I now connect remotely and can look right through their eyes.

But the further that I travel up perceptions sight,

the me that is i has no use for a fight.


As above so below,

you only reap what you can sow.

Meet me in the middle.