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BCL Surfers,

While reading the vast amount of understanding emails piled up in my inbox, I concluded that, even though BCL is just a small part of my focus these days, It is a large part of other's life. The BCL being an ecosystem of a defined area of information. I needed a flex, like a monkey shaking his cage. So since I was having a break, BLC took a break. Ego death is an extremely liberating feeling. There are those that can see, those that can see once they're shown and those that never see. I’ve experienced something giving me the desire to tell as many as I can to: Slow yourself into a moment, look at the world, what do you see?

These poems are what I see.

Stephen Matthew Knox



Sorting hat
Stephen Matthew Knox

The great year’s new cycle will noticeably be, a division of people , soon grouped into three.

The first are the chosen, ability to see, that all fear has left them, learning love is key.

The second group larger, absorb all they’re shown, creating momentum, for truth to be known.

Last are the masses, armed only with hope, think everything’s bullshit, distrust horoscope.

They drank all the kool-aid, programmed not to see, how every single person, (is secretly me).



Stephen Matthew Knox

The truth forever hidden, cemented with lies.

Invisible unions, plotting and planning our demise.

We awakened to the fact that our world is not quite right.

And because of this we’ve found that love is our only might.

I feel every day earth’s frequency rise, I now connect remotely, and can look right through their eyes.

But the further that I travel, up perception’s sight.

The me that is I, has no use for a fight.



Middle way
Stephen Matthew Knox

The left hand path was never for me, held captive by secrets and dark mysteries.

The right hand path, known from Yeshua’s travels. remember to thank him as this whole thing unravels.

This awakening for me happened deep inside, downloads began and my ego just died.

No more confusion about who is this “me”, perspective forever altered, now split into three.

Centeristic thinking now fills every day, this path I have chosen is called the middle way…



Lies vs bliss
Stephen Matthew Knox

Thinking way back, to when I was little. Helping me choose, my path in the middle.

Now it’s become, abundantly clear, the light growing inside me, replaces the fear,

Working way down, deep inside, processing things, I could never abide.

With trickle of truth flowing in my ear. Reveals all that’s hidden, both far and near.

Feelings in me of oneness and bliss, continuous wave, of my very first kiss.

Sharp of mind and improving ones health, means paying it forward, repairing yourself.

Doing these things, while holding them dear, vibrating higher, pulling destiny near.



Stephen Matthew Knox

It broadcasts the lie of scarcity, never enough to go around.

Hiding reality from all eyes, ensuring it not be found.

The solar cycle awakened us, now having a common goal.

The search for truth and knowledge works to actually make us whole.

Be the skeptic with squinting eyes, hearing he “accidentally drown”.

An unlimited supply of narratives, put there to confound.

With escalations rising, it will be easier to see.

The more we fight amongst our selves, the less that we are free.

This is happening as it has, seven times before.

The golden age of enlightenment, is knocking on our door.

Invisible energy from the sun, ever on the rise.

Changing humanity’s structure, you will come to realize.

As you evolve into yourself, the process, clear to see.

You are the source of all that is, down here split in three.

Place your attention on a moment, see what you have found.

That everything that’s ever been is composed of just light and of sound.



Stephen Matthew Knox

To all get together, we need not agree,

Each has their mission, some of us three.

Bridges over puddles, the buddha might say.

Help all the lost, since they’re not far away.

The gift you’ll be given, if honest and true.

Showing you all the things, you never knew.

Use inner knowledge, filling your cup.

Notice how time has begun to speed up.

Love and compassion, given today.

Expands never ending, on the middle way.



Merica fck-yh
Stephen Matthew Knox

In America, people will say that they’re free?

Feels like, a banana republic, to me.

Terrible people, work at the top.

Close comes the time, that we have to say stop.

Occurrences beginning to not go unseen.

Sensing that most of you, know what I mean.

With truthfull  harmony, now on the rise.

Nearing the time we hear deep and dumb cries.

We went from having on blinders and running in place.

To a vast understanding of both time and of space.

Transforming our home to the way it should be.

The happening of this, you’re beginning to see.



Shape of things
Stephen Matthew Knox


What I know of earths habitat, its true shape in form is neither round nor flat.

This important information to you, that’s from me, has been hidden by groups running our space agency.

Even as my words might overwhelm, the truth of this world is, we live in a realm.

As new light shines through us, more people will see, the truth of our reality is setting us free.



Big me
Stephen Matthew Knox

Big me, stays close now, always feeling never far.

I finally, kind of , absorbed from him, what my qualifications are.

All of my bad choices, and every mistake that I made.

They all share equal importance, to any aces that I’ve played.

Up on Buddha’s perch, this is what you’ll see.

The number of all there is, most important being three.

Arriving at this moment, with its programmed and linear way.

I think back to the where that I was, but with nothing more to say.

As a soldier in god’s army of love, I have only this to decree.

The hardest part, so far, in this, is the estrangement I’ve imposed upon me.

If I had stayed, with family near, and decided not to roam,

Chances are, I’d been locked away, first time I said, adrenochrome.

With inward focus, guiding something, half the world can’t see.

All will change quite quickly with, what soon will come to be.

knowing I've been chosen as, I never did answer the call.

So simply said, the best way ahead, is to never stop giving your all.

These threads that I call, connecting it all, they work something like a key.

Excepting my role in the coming events , opening up to “big me”.

Every day I miss my kids, but happy they’re overseas.

I know for them, to see this poem, might not  put them at ease.

Now that I got to vent a bit, I guess I’ll call it a day.

I’ve denied the old, to except the new, gave all my money away.

So when you’ve finally had enough of this, call it, "organized societal decay".

There’s always room, hope to welcome you soon

Here on the middle way....




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