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Sno-Pony Power Sled invented by Ky Michaelson



Sno-Pony three cylinder racer


Sno-Pony twin engine racer's



Sno-Pony Snow Job Dragster



Sno-Pony at the trade show in Minneapolis


Sno-Pony Sonic Challenger

The Sonic Challenger began as a rocket powered Car called the X-1, which was owned by Reaction Dynamics Inc. It was bought by Sno-Pony and then transformed into a rocket powered speed run sled by the rocket legend, Ky Michaelson. It was later renamed "The Sno-Pony Rocket".


Reaction Dynamics X-1



Sno-Pony Sonic Challenger


****Sno-Pony Sonic Challenger****




Sno-Pony Rocket


Ky Michaelson and the Sno-Pony Sonic Challenger


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