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1965 Polaris water cooled factory racer
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How rare can you get? This one of a kind beauty was built by the Polaris factory in the fall of 1964, and is literally the first Polaris "factory" racer. It was built by Orman Johnson and Bob Eastman, with Polaris founder Allen Hetten helping out. It may also be the first water cooled engine mounted in a snowmobile. The motor (still the original motor) can't be dated exactly, but it's probably prior to 1965. It is a Mercury 50 horse 4 cylinder outboard. A battery was placed under the rear trunk for the electric start and the hood scoop was created to fit the radiator. The sled even had reverse, by pulling a lever, thus changing the position of magneto. The sled was raced by Allen Hetten and he won the 1965 Canadian Power Toboggan Championship with it. Jim Strandlund was trying to get a rare poster from an acquaintance. While chatting with the gentleman, he mentioned to the owner of the poster that he was always looked for rare, oddball Polaris. "I have one" the man said. They strolled out behind the mans shop, and there, in the weeds was the 1965 racer. At the time Jim wasn't sure what it was - but with that motor in it, it had to be something. The man explained that his partner got the sled originally, but does not remember where. But there it was, right in Jim's back yard, within 40 miles of his home. A deal was made and like that, Jim had a very special rarebird to ad to his collection of super rare sleds, like the only 1974 Arctic Cat SnoPro twin track still being restored.



1967 Polaris Two engine racers (single)



1968 Polaris Two engine racers (twin)



1969 Polaris Twin 800cc



1970-71 Polaris X-2
1970 Polaris X-2, Polaris had the world speed record in 1970 with X-2.


****The Polaris X2****




Aaron Johnson did a lot of work on the restoration of the X-2. The original hood was in too poor of condition to use, so Aaron built a new nose cone and hood for it. The old one is now hanging in his shop.



1971-72 Polaris X-3

During the speed wars of the early 1970's big budgets allowed factory engineers and racers to build the best they could think of. Polaris had the world speed record in 1970 with X-2, but wasn't ready to rest on their laurels. Thus the X-3 was built as her successor for 1971-72. The X-3 was built in a rush for the West Yellowstone roundup in 1971. When the Mike Baker got to the track, they strapped him in, only to realize he did not fit under the canopy with a helmet on.  No matter, he just took it off and raced anyway.  Unfortunately for Polaris, Arctic Cat created the turbine powered Boss Cat I and won the record that year. The X-3 was recently saved from the scrap pile by Gene Fiester of Roseau, MN and was purcased and restored by and Les Pinz .


****The Polaris X3****




****The Polaris X3****



1973 Polaris Shooting Star

This Sled was built for the Specific reason of Breaking the World Speed Record on a Snowmobile in 1973. Bob Eastman designed and built the sled with some help from other people from Polaris. It has a basic 73 starfire chassis with a reinforced track. It has two 800cc Starfire engines.. And the one closest to the Driver had the Cylinders on backwards and rotated backwards. It only attempted to Break the record on two different occasions.. Once in Boonville, NY where it was clocked at 127mph but need a second run to back up that speed to set the record but a "Hand Built" drive component broke and could not be repaired at the site of the Speed Run. The other time he attempted to break the record was in Roseau, MN where Bob made numerous runs and Dorthey Mercer made a run, but the timing system was mounted to high, and was not seeing the sled when it went by. By the time they figured that out, the sled's track was comming apart. It was ever raced again and has been in Bob's possession ever since. Bob Eastman built and designed the sled with some help from other people from Polaris. It has two 73 795's in it with a common drive system. It has six different pipes coming out of it in all different directions. It has a basic 73 starfire chassis with a reinforced track.


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