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1971 Johnson Pegasus prototype

This was the first design of the Pegasus. The second still exists, and is owned by Bob Sell in Pennsylvania. This sled did not run on the Bonneville Salt Flats, The sled had some major design flaws and was too unstable at speeds. It was first painted Johnson Green then later Gold. Stevens Instruments was commissioned to build a second sled with better aerodynamics. This prototype was then used as a promotion tool being sent to dealerships for display. It is uncertain what became of this machine.



1971 Johnson Pegasus

The Johnson Pegasus is powered by 2 150 hp 4 cylinder 99.6 cubic inch "stinger" outboard racing engines. A special molded track designed by Goodyear. Standard production skiis and mechanical tie rod steering. Johnson, with driver Dick Hansler, set the record of 140.625 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in August 1971. It is now owned by Bob Sell of Pennsylvania. It is missing both V4 two stroke outboard engines that were used to power it to over 140 mph on the Salt Flats back in 71. He is trying to locate engines suitable for it. He has all the data and tech manuals on the project and has talked to the retired Johnson engineers who built it.


Johnson Stretch



1976 Johnson/Evenrud Twin Tracker


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