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Yamaha Snowmobile Ads by Arctic Cat


2013 Yamaha SRX 120 Manufactured in Thief River Falls, MN. For the 2013 model year, Arctic Cat will be co-branding their Youth 120 model snowmobile with the Yamaha Motor Corporation. Arctic Cat will manufacture the Yamaha SRX 120 in their Thief River Falls, MN factory per Yamaha’s specifications, but the snowmobile will be based off the popular Arctic Cat Sno Pro 120 platform. Arctic Cat’s Snow Division General Manager, Brad Darling said, “This partnership makes perfect sense for our companies as we’ve been buying Yamaha’s 123cc 4-stroke engine for our Sno Pro 120 since 2009.”
The easy-to-start, fan-cooled, 123cc, 4-stroke engine found in the 120 is easy to manage for parents, yet is extremely fun to operate for the Youth rider. Wrapped in a package with bold graphics and color combinations, the 120 will instill a lifelong snowmobiling passion into Youth riders.
Darling goes on to say, “Snowmobile consumers are extremely brand loyal, so we don’t see this partnership cannibalizing any of our current Sno Pro 120 sales. Instead, the SRX120 will attract an added number of Yamaha youth to the industry. Any time we can be a part of growing the snowmobile industry, it’s a good thing.”

Hey kids, a new 120!
WE GIVE YAMAHA A HARD TIME once in a while about its sleds’ weights, even though we know its machines still are crazy fast. But we may have to shut up, for now.
The new SRX 120 weighs in at just 30 lbs.

OK, so this is a youth sled aimed at the pre-school, or single-digit Gen Z crowd. Still, it’s another option for families, especially the Yamaha faithful, to get their kids or grandchildren into our sport early.

There’s nothing too surprising here, mainly because the SRX is exactly the same as an Arctic Cat Sno Pro 120. No, they don’t just look the same, they are the same.

Here’s the deal. For several years Yamaha has been selling Cat a 123cc 4-stroke engine for its Sno Pro 120. Now Cat has agreed to build the same sled for Yamaha, using the Yamaha engine.

Naturally Yamaha folks prefer blue, so the plastic SRX body is made of molded blue plastic, while the Cat’s body remains green. This now gives three of the four manufacturers small sleds for young children, only Ski-Doo lacks a child’s model.

Yamaha’s SRX produces a top speed of about 8 mph with a 10x68x0.5-inch track to help junior slip around the ice and learn how much fun snowmobiling can be. There’s a mechanical brake, a tether ignition switch and yes, a full instrument cluster decal.

Design includes double A-arm front suspension, adjustable torsion spring slide rail rear suspension and functional head and taillights. Better than some full-size sleds today, there’s even some trunk storage space.

Pricing wasn’t set at presstime, but look for the SRX 120 to be in the $2,600-$2,800 range, similar to the Arctic Cat model.



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