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Arctic Cat Tigersharks


1998 Arctic Cat Tigershark 640

Introducing the economical Tigershark TS 640. This boat packs more excitement than the adventure channel and more laughs than the Thursday-night lineup. The TS 640 comes loaded with value and features a 62-horsepower, 639cc engine with a 38mm Mikuni carb. And it's the perfect watercraft for introducing new enthusiasts to the sport.



1998 Arctic Cat Tigershark 770

We don't think so. We believe a watercraft that's packed with power and performance can still be packed with value. Case in point: the Tigershark TS 770. It comes equipped with a 768cc twin-cylinder engine, handlebar pads, a redesigned deck, and yes, a comfortable seat. Now that's a lot of extras for just a little money. Strange? Again, we don't think so.



1998 Arctic Cat Tigershark 1000 L

Introducing the Tigershark TS 1000 L. You'll appreciate its finer features, like a reverse system, manual trim, a new two-piece seat design, added storage compartments, a 16-gallon fuel tank, and comfort you'd expect on a sofa, not a watercraft. Yes, it's one of our most luxurious watercraft. And with 999cc's of pure muscle, it's also one of our most powerful.



1998 Arctic Cat Tigershark 640 L

Hop on, both of you, and go for a ride on the Tigershark TS 640 L. This watercraft's reliable 639cc engine is enough to pull skiers, tubers or a Hydro-Trailer filled with touring gear. The TS 640 L features our sleek deck design, a padded knee area and a wide array of other extras. We're sure you'll agree, no other ride will ever be the same.



1998 Arctic Cat Tigershark 770 L

What happens when you combine rearview mirrors, easy-to-read gauges, a totally new towing package, and 768cc's of sheer pulling power? You get the new Tigershark TS 770 L. And it's one watercraft the whole family will enjoy together. The ear-to-ear grin on the skiers and tubers faces should say it all.



1998 Arctic Cat Tigershark 1000 R

If wild horses couldn't drag you away from the set, we've got 115 horses that will. Introducing the Tigershark TS 1000 R. This boat packs a three-cylinder engine with triple 38mm accelerator-pump carbs. It's 999cc's of pure muscle.



1998 Arctic Cat Tigershark 770 R

The TS 770 R features a kick-'em-in-the-pants 90-horsepower, 768cc twin-cylinder engine with twin 38mm accelerator-pump carbs. In layman's terms, that's about the equivalent of a hyperactive child on a serious sugar binge.



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