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Arctic Enterprises early speed run sleds

1968 Arctic Cat Panther 2 engine speed sled

This Panther used two 600 cc Hirth engines with megaphone exhaust.



1969 Arctic Cat Panther 2 engine speed sled

This Panther used two custom 1140cc JLO engines . It had over 100hp and made the run at 95.03mph but was beaten by Ski-Doo with its new world record of 95.33mph . It's engines were built by Dick Schellbach. It was raced by Wayne Burkel. This sled burned up during the devestating Arctic Cat showroom fire in 1973.


****1969 Arctic Cat 6 cylinder 2 engine racer****





1970 Arctic Cat Puma 2 engine speed sled clone
The original Puma was built by Rod Jackel with twin 634 Hirth engines. Wayne burkel was to race it for the 1970 speed runs but it had many problems while testing it so it was dismantled.



 1970 fuel injected speed run sled

These pictures are one of Arctic's speed run sleds for the 1970 season. It had a hirth 793 with an experimental mechanical fuel injection system. This fuel injected sled had a chain direct drive and ran in the low 90's mph.


****1970 Arctic Cat fuel injected racer****




Jeff Johnson's 1970 fuel injected speed run sled resurrected?

This sled is said to be built up from the original bulkhead and front end, which Jeff Johnson acquired in 1999. Jeff aquired the original mechanical fuel injection sytem for the sled. The sled has just completed a two-year build (resurrection?) in the hands of Kevin Michlig of Colby, Wis. Matt Kenel and Dave Schark both worked on the hood.


Keith Warnings 1970 fuel injected speed run sled reproduction

This is a reproduction of the original was built by Bill Adams of Arctic Restoration Specialties. The original hood from the speed run sled is next to it on the floor.



 1971 EXT 800 King Cat

The "EXT 800" King Cat 793cc fuel injected Hirth was owned and to be raced in the unlimited class by G. A. (Woody) Wood of Reno, Nevada. At the time it was the only dragster style speed run sled to utilize off-the-shelf snowmobile components. Only the magnesium alloy frame, the hand crafted aluminum body and the fuel injection system were custom made. The engine, track, skis and transmission were all stock Arctic Cat parts mated together by Mechanic Wayne Farr of Lansing, Mich., from a design by Jim Barnhart also of Lansing. Engine work was done by Warner Lesbo of Elko. The fuel injected Hirth was set up to run on alcohol and put out around 120hp. The sled supposedly exceeded speeds of 100 mph in tests. It was displayed at the Lake Tahoe Castrol Cup snowmobiles races in feb. 1971. It was then brought to the West Yellowstone speed runs in March 1971. Ken Beito raced it to a speed of 97 mph. The EXT 800 resurfaced in a pasture, presumably around TRF, in 1995 and was restored by Danny Johnson from Karlstad, MN.



1971 Arctic Cat "Watashi the Cat"

It used two custom 1140cc JLO engines. The engines were built by Dick Schellbach.


****1971 Arctic Cat "Watashi the Cat****



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