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Arctic Cat snowmobile slogans over the years


1962 All season vehicle
1963 Multi-purpose machines!
1964 Exciting new light-weight over snow travel!
1965 For sports, work or play!
Great on Performance!
1966 Work or Play...there's an Arctic Cat for you
Join the "Go in the Snow" Crowd
1967 For the family with lots of winter living to do...
Join the Arctic Cat "Go in the Snow" Crowd
1968 Pace Setting Performance Champ for '68
Ride the Winner!
1969 Always first with the features that count!
...the "Cat" with a Pedigree in Performance
1970 Boss Cat...Trusty Cat...Precision Cat
Boss Cat
Trusty Cat
Precision Cat
The Suspension System Makes Her a Winner!
Move UP Move OUT with Arctic Cat 1970
1971 This is the year of the Cat
The Boss is Back...with Pride
It's the Cat
This is one Cat you can treat like a dog
Ask someone who knows...about the Boss
Out here, a Cat is a man's best friend
Move up to the Arctic
The next best snowmobile to a new Arctic Cat is a used Cat
Give a Cat for Christmas
If thrity million kids were counting on you, what would you ride?
Relieve the winter blues
The different breeds of Cat
How to tell a Cat from a dog
The Cat has 9 lives
Now Arctic Cat has four on the floor
1972 You know you can count on the Cat
The Cats are here
Get'em while it's hot
The Cat cut down to kid size
Now there's a Cat for kids
...don't buy just for its good looks
It's Going To Be A Beautiful Winter
What are you doing this weekend?
We've got 2000 dealers you can count on
Bogey wheels give you the smoothest ride...Bull
An airplane has a riveted aluminum body to absorb shocks and stress...Ditto
How to be the boss
Cat Food
The new Cats are out of the bag
1973 The Cat...They're all comin' over
They laughed...
Add a dash of distinction
One of the finer things
Put a little Arctic purple in your Christmas this year
One Cat leads to another
It's his first Cat...but it won't be his last
Santa's special: A kid sized Cat
The Cat cut down to kid-size
They're all comin' over to Kitty Cat too
NOW...El Tigre's in town
Hey Santa! Put a Kitty Cat under the tree
Come on over! Trade your old dog for a new Cat
1974 The one and only...Cat
Kitty Cat: The one for kids
You can't beat the system
The one to beat
There's really only one
3 tough Cats
What's tomorrows Cat doing today? Winning races
1975 Year after year it's the Cat
"So you think we've got problems today..."
New breed of track
Zkidoo, Polariz Twizter, Ect...The Z's gonna beat their S's off
The "Z" zapped 'em
Meet the new mid-size...with the price to match
1976 Good times are comin' on the Cat
The best times are comin' from the Cat
Guezz what race won nearly twice as many stock races as its nearest competitor lazt year?
Come watch Team Arctic work over some new ideas
Come watch the Cat be king of the track
We've got Arcticwear so your good times won't be cold times
1977 A mighty good feelin' comes with the Cat
Beat the system and win a new Cat
Six bucks says you'll like our new oil
Enough said
Follow the leaders
1978 Good times are comin' on the Cat
The missing Lynx
Love at first flight
Old faithful
Two's company
The '78 Catillac
Flying Tigers
They're here
Face winter with Charlie and an Arctic Cat
1979 You've waited long enough
Fly now
Cattilac now
Right now
42 MPG now
Yours now
1980 now
Trailcat today
1980 The Cat... It's black magic
Black magic. It can make a grown man fly
Black magic. It leaves the rest of the world behind
Black magic. It will make you a believer
Be a Pepper, win a Panther
The magic of Hawaii
1981 When you buy the Cat nobody asks why
Funny how people don't remember much about winters before '62
Worlds fastest
It took two days of curves, bumps, hills and hairpin turns to set the record straight.
1982 Gone fishing
1983 Gone fishing
1984 The Cat is back
1985 The Cat...It's an animal
If they come by snow, we'll be ready for them
El Tigre. It takes no prisoners
Kitty Cat...It's an animal. Almost
1986 You don't pay extra for the name
Why the 1996 world champ practices on a Cat
How to empty a watering hole
Who says there's no nightlife in the boonies?
1987 The snowmoble for people who are all thumbs
Get it on
How Mario goes when it snows
What a man who races 500 miles in a circle does to unwind
When was the last time you and your son were this close?
At the Johansson family reunion, the only name you'll find as often as Johansson is Arctic Cat
Last year our racing team surprised everyone except Arctic Cat owners
If your brother-in-law has a neighbor whose cousin owns an Arctic Cat, we probably don't have to tell you a thing
1988 Nothing's moving ahead faster
The race for the world's fastest just got faster
Get ahead get Arctic Cat
We have an unfair advantage over our competitors when it comes to modern suspension, Arctic Cat invented it
Arctic Cat ride the pride
Those squares on the checkered flag. They're our color
1989 Ride the pride
Flying Tigers
To build a sled tough enough to live up to a legend, you have to run a few of them into the ground
The El Tigre EXT. It's acceleration will make you smile
1990 World class snowmobiles
Join the Cat attack
Cat be nimble, Cat be quick
What to wear when you're going out for dinner
Funny how people don't remember much about winters before '62
The power & the glory
The Arctic Cat results from the Jeep 500 snowmobile race, right here in black and white
1991 World class snowmobiles
Take 700 cc's of adrenalin
Arctic Cat leader of the pack
1992 World class snowmobiles
Lead follow or get out of the way
1993 World class snowmobiles
To fully appreciate what Kirk Hibbert went through to win the I-500
You've tasted the Formula, You've seen the Storm, now feel the Thunder
The Thunder that's shaking the snowbelt
Arctic front sweeps through Minnesota
1994 World class snowmobiles
The Arctic circle
1995 World class snowmobiles
The product of breakthrough engineering
The thumb bone's connected to the adrenal gland
1996 World class snowmobiles
Check out the ozone layer in person
If you think they look fast now, wait until you see them move off the showroom floor
1997 World class snowmobiles
Disappear into thin air
1998 What snowmobiling's all about
Presenting the wrench we've thrown into our competitors' racing plans
1999 What snowmobiling's all about
2000 What snowmobiling's all about
It's almost impossible to get one of these
2001 What snowmobiling's all about
Waiting for winter?
2002 What snowmobiling's all about
Waiting for winter?
2003 What snowmobiling's all about
Waiting for winter?
2004 What snowmobiling's all about
Waiting for winter?
Invading airspace since 1963
2005 Share our passion
Waiting for winter?
It's anyones race to win. At least, that's what we say to the losers
At -20 degrees we still make our opponents sweat
We have accumulated more frequent flyer miles
2006 Share our passion
Waiting for winter?
A new snowmobile breeds a new species of rider
Wanting to win does not make a winner. Hating to lose makes a winner
2007 Share our passion
Waiting for winter?
2008 Share our passion
The rumble
Dominance has no class seperation
2009 Share our passion
Shut summer up once and for all
Riding is believing
2010 Share our passion
Pick your passion
Time to wake old man winter
Worlds fastest snowmobiles
Here's the sled. Now all you need are the sponsers
Fear? Left that back in the truck
2011 Share our passion
Why marry Mother Nature? For the love of winter
Every race has a starting line. Ours was 1962
Worlds fastest snowmobiles
2012 Share our passion
The next species of Cat
Hungry for winter?
At Arctic Cat 50 years goes by fast
Looks fast. Smells fast. Tastes fast. Yup, it's fast
The last time you stared at something this long, you got slapped in the face
2013 Share our passion
Carve with the sharpest knife in the drawer
Everyone wants a piece of Tucker

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