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Arctic Cat SBS Models


1970 Arctic Cat dune buggy prototype (2 produced)

Not much is known about this machine. There were 2 Prototypes built in the summer of 1969, and this was the second. The first did not have independent rear suspension . They were one of Edgars Hetteen's imfamous "pet projects" built by Tubby Lund and Bob Mastery in the, then empty, new plant while it was being finished. They were called "Dune Buggies" when being built and tested in Arizona. There are no ID tags on it. While testing In Arizona they had problems driving the one without IRS. It gave too rough of a ride and both buggies were plagued by flat tires from cactus needles. The original color was Panther purple as that is the color when you scratch away the yellow paint. It's powered by a 340 Hirth and it goes very fast. It is a unique peice of Arctic history hopefully one day I will have the information to restore it.


1970 Arctic Cat dune buggy prototype design renderings

These are the design renderings that I have created to judge what look the restored prototype should have. They are a work in progress as nothing has yet been decided.



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