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Prototypes, limited editions, limited productions and early builds from the 1960's

1962 Polar 100 Prototype


1962 Arctic Cat air sled prototype (only one produced)



1962 Arctic Cat air sled clone by Darrell Dey


1962 Arctic Cat air sled clone at Waconia 07 with Arctic Cat founder Edgar Hetteen. Darrell said Edgar signed the hood. Darrell is even getting the original skiis for it!


****1962 Arctic Cat air sled clone, Darrell Dey****



1962 Arctic Cat 450 Prototype



1963 Arctic Cat 100 Prototype



1963 Arctic Cat 170D pre-production sled



1964 Arctic Cat Cub 2WD Prototype



1964 Arctic Cat 1000 SBS Prototype

This was the very first Model 1000 that they made and it has many differences from the production models...this does not have the belly mounted fuel tank, this one does not have the flat front grille, this units final drives are mounted at an angle not straight up-and-down, etc. The Arctic Enterprises ID tag on this reads...Serial: 63-1001 Model: X.



1964 Arctic Cat Kitten X prototype (?? produced)



1966 Arctic Cat Black Panther prototype (21 Produced)
No two of these Black Panthers were alike. they each had differences in their configuration.


Dick Krogstad and his Black Panther




1966 Black Panther with the 12hp Kohler 4cycle



Rare 1966 Black Panthers with the "Polar Bear" logo



1968 Arctic Cat Panther P20L, Lloyd 400cc twin



1969 Arctic Cat Panther with the rare after market felt covered hood



1969 Arctic Cat Puma prototype



1969 Arctic Cat Panther P-45H 793cc Hirth prototype

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