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Arctic Cat history


   The 1970s began as expected, with the company's annual sales soaring 113 percent to reach $46.5 million, its market share rising to 13 percent, and its net income jumping to $2.9 million. Prosperous times gave Arctic Enterprises the ability to diversify further, providing the financial means to acquire boat manufacturer Silverline, Inc. of Moorhead, Minnesota, the company's first major cross-seasonal acquisition, and to introduce mini-bikes on the market, both of which became part of the company's operations in 1970. The following year, Arctic Enterprises moved farther afield, acquiring lawn and garden manufacturer General Leisure, and then, in 1973, introducing a line of French-made bicycles. By this point, however, the luster of Arctic Enterprises operations had dulled considerably. The years of robust growth were over as quickly as they started.


1973 Miss America Terry Ann Meeuwsen


1973 Arcticwear With AE's own Pam Kolden


1973 Arctic Distributors aquires company airplane


1973 Arctic Cat/Ford match set promotion


1973 Arctic Cat and snowmobiling shows phenomenal growth


1973 Charlie Lofton suiting up to drive the Boss Cat II


1973 Paul Eggebraaten straping in to the Boss Cat III


1973 Arctic's master mechanic and designer Denny Ray


1973 Arctic Enterprises showroom fire


1973 What Arctic Cat film wasn't she in


1973 Arctic Eye newsletter, ISIA recommends snowmobiles for travel


1973 Arctic Eye newsletter, campers, vans, boats


1973 Arctic Eye newsletter, safety training offered by Arctic


1973 Arctic Eye newsletter, Popular Science tests the new Grass Cat Wankel


1973 Arctic Eye newsletter, more Wankel power for next year


1973 Arctic Eye newsletter, management tell of the market situation


1973 Arctic Distributors Inc announces promtions


1973 Arctic Eye newsletter, Arctic Enterprises announces sales and marketing reorganization


1973 Arctic Eye newsletter, earning decrease


1973 Arctic Eye newsletter, Cats tour USSR


1973 Arctic Eye newsletter, Arctic Enterprises new distribution center


1973 Arctic Eye newsletter, 100,000 dollar sweepstakes



1973 The Ptarmigan newsletter, Arctic takes a loss


1973 The Ptarmigan newsletter, Newsletter naming contest


1973 The Ptarmigan newsletter, Kawasaki to build a test facility in Shakopee, MN


1973 The Ptarmigan newsletter, United Way drive at Arctic pledges $18,000


1973 The Ptarmigan newsletter, Arctic Cat display on tour


1973 The Ptarmigan newsletter, Ed Michalik named VP of corporate development


1973 You can't take your eyes off the Cat


1973 The Ptarmigan newsletter, New Kodiak fishing boat from Silverline


1973 The Ptarmigan newsletter, Arctic company play selected


1973 The Ptarmigan newsletter, Arctic's Larry White presents the TRF AVTI with a contribution


1973 Arctic Scope newsletter, Penn Arctic dealers attend Toronto trade show


1973 Arctic Scope newsletter, Annual Penn Arctic dealer meeting


1973 Arctic Cat's new models for 1973


1973 Arctic Distributors service training certificate


1973 Arctic Cat distributors meeting in TRF


1973 Arctic President John Penn discloses a grim future for many producers


1973 Law suits for changes in the racing rules


1973 Arctic Cat snow picnic


1973 Arctco Inc moves back to TRF


1973 Arctic Enterprises buy Arctic Distributors Inc and Spary meyer retires his presidency


1973 Sales boom draws racing crowds


1973 Arctic Distributors safety meeting


1973 Sparky Meyer takes on bank directorship


1973 Arctic Enterprises stock drops


1973 General Leisure Products Corp may close


1973 Arctic Enterprises closes General Leisure Products Corp


1973 Arctic Enterprises and the town of Clearbrook get their new water tower


1973 Arctic Cat, Kitty Cat memories

Here is a Photo from Maureen Sparling of Christmas morning 1973. Her father is sitting on her Mothers Cheetah 340 while she and her twin sister Lisa sat on their Kitty Kat. Just that morning they found that Kitty Cat in their living room under the christmas tree. In Maureen's own words, "The Best Christmas Morning Ever!"


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