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Arctic Cat history


1971-72 Miss Wisconsin Patricia Ann Jacobs


1972 Green Bay Packers on EXT sleds


1972 The people that made Arctic Cats



1972 Arctic Cat on the big screen with "It Ain't Easy"


****1972 Arctic Enterprises****



1972 Thief River Falls is glad to have Arctic Enterprises


1972 Defective clutch fixed in the Arctic Cat EXT


1972 Inspector Henderson's safety program is on the road


1972 Arctic Enterprises scholarship winner Paul Shjerve


1972 Arctic Enterprises scholarship winner Dan Stanchik


1972 Arctic Enterprises to be on the New York Stock Exchange


1972 Arctic Cat makes winter travel possible


1972 Arctic Enterprises safety study


1972 Arctic Enterprises water shortage at the Clearbrook plant


1972 a look at the markets snowmobile production by producer



1972 Arctic Enterprises to use Wankel in mower


1972 Arctic Enterprises noise checking the new lawn tractors


1972 New Arctic Cat models


1972 Arctic Distributor Nero wins award


1972 Arctic Cats in the endurance race


1972 Minnesota Para-Rescue team and their Arctic Cats


1972 Arctic Distributors Inc begins expansion, Sparky Meyer


1972 Arctic Distributors working towards a quieter snowmobile


1972 Arctic Enterprises buy Traverse Bay Marine


1972 Arctic Distributors crash fatality


1972 Arctic Enterprises has a big quarter


1972 Arctic Cat dealers get the grand tour


1972 Arctic Cat offers more comfort and less noise


1972 Arctic Enterprises  advertising VP Bob Bromley moves to Rupp


1972 Arctic Enterprises finds a new advertising manager in William Decker


1972 Arctic Cat films


1972 Arctic Cat sales are booming


1972 Arctic Enterprises stock has value



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