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Arctic Cat history


1971 Arctic Enterprises new factory and display building


1971 Arctic Cat newsletter "Arctic Eye", new mini-bike line


1971 Arctic Cat newsletter "Arctic Eye", new showroom


1971 Arctic Cat snowmobiles make the best decoration, Eagle River Wisconsin


1971 Arctic Cat dealer sled transport


1970-71 Miss Michigan Ginger Meyers Robinson


1971 Arctic Cat girls


1971 Miss New York presenting the winners trophy


1970 Arctic Cat, winter fun


1971 Arctic Cat King Kat on the farm


1971 Arctic Cat snowmobile rescue squad


1971 Arctic Cat Panther toy


1971 Arctic Cat sleds used on "Wild Kingdom" with Marlin Perkins


1971 Arctic Enterprises Company aircraft


1971 Arctic Cat dealer show


1971 Arctic Distributors aircraft hanger construction


1971 Arctic Enterprises 100,000th Cat


1971 Arctic Enterprises aquires General Leisure Products


1971 Arctic Enterprises racing bus is buglarized


1971 Arctic Enterprises Wall Street evaluation


1971 Arctic Enterprises scholarship contest


1971 Delivering newspapers on Cats


1971 Arctic Enterprises  garment factory proposed for Clearbrook


1971 Arctic Distributors president, Sparky Meyer receives award


1971 Snowmobile users nears 2 million


1971 More and more snowmobilers means more regulations


1971 Nine girls in the run for queen of the Butte international snowmobile races


1971 How to summerize your snowmobile


1971 Arctic Enterprises inventory asset Puma 634 Hirth Mod


1971 Dock strike may slow production of Arctic Cat snowmobiles


1971 Arctic Cat Kitty Cat snowmoble designed for youngsters


1971 Lowell Svenson and Sen. Hubert Humphrey present a Panther to Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin


1971 Arctic Enterprises Lowell Svenson applauds tax bill


1971 Arctic Cat Puma 634 Hirth Mod, engine modifier Shorty Long's personal snowmobile


1971 Arctic Cat's Own Inspector Henderson


1971 Inspector Henderson's safety film, Arctic Antics


1971 Arctic Cat safety film, What Would You Do, featuring Cartoon Inspector Henderson


Arctic Cat's Ken Beito showing the dangers of drinking and snowmobiling for the film


1971 Arctic Enterprises Films


1971 Inspector Henderson's Arctic Cat Kitchen Kutter


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