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Arctic Cat history


1970 Green Bay Packer's Doug Hart on a Cat


1970 Arctic Enterprises,  VP Bob Johnson and his purchasing department


1970 Arctic Enterprises president Lowell Swenson



1970 C.J. Ramstad's love for the Cat shows in all of his photos


1970 Arctic Cat, winter fun


1970 Arctic Cat racer Charlie Lofton at the West Yellowstone races


1970 Arctic Enterprises Who's who, Edgar Hetteen


1970 Arctic Enterprises introduces the all new Puma for 70


1970 Arctic Enterprises experience sales increase


1970 Arctic Enterprises Arcticwear gains ground in the fashion world


1970 Too much snow? ride your Cat to school


1970 snowmobiles breaks the 1 million mark in the US


1970 Age increase to 15 to drive a snowmobile in Maine


1970 Snowmobile accessories are the rage



1970 Accidents increased by snowmobiles


1970 Miss Wisconsin pageant


1970 Arctic Cat gives a saftey program at the 3rd annual Empire State Snowmobile Grand Prix


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