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Arctic Cat history


   1965-66 Miss Minnesota, Jeanne Ruth


1966 Arcticwear begins


1965-66 Miss Wisconsin, Sharon Singstock


1966 Black Panther

Rare picture of the Black Panthers with the "Polar Bear" logo


1966 Black Panther, owned and restored by Dick Krogstad


1966 Arctic Cat, winter fun


1966 Arctic Cat's Roger Skime testing a 140D

When Swenson became president of Arctic Enterprises in 1966 he made one goal of the company's future clear: 'We [will] concentrate on one machine,' he vowed, 'and make it a damn good one.' True to his word, Swenson spearheaded the effort toward designing a snowmobile that could carry the company into the future, putting to an end the era of the red Arctic Cats after the 1965-66 winter season to make room for the black 'Panther.' Debuting in 1966, the Panther possessed technological breakthroughs that drove sales and, most importantly, profits upward for the remainder of the 1960s.


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