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Arctic Cat history


   Distributor relationships were forged throughout a wide territory ranging from New York to Idaho, as the fledgling company sought to secure a foothold in distant markets. There were 19 distributors signed up for the 1963-64 winter season and 13 Arctic Cat models, up from the six offered the previous year. During the first half of the decade, the company's sales climbed encouragingly, propelled by the increasing number of models produced each year and supported by a steadily growing distribution network, but annual profits were not demonstrating the same vibrancy. This inability to post consistent profit growth--the company lost $20,000 in 1964 on $750,000 in sales--was part of the reason Hetteen decided to step down from his leadership position in 1965 and hand the reins of command to Lowell Swenson. Hetteen, literally, had spent nearly all of his time during the previous decade trying to make a successful snowmobile manufacturing company; now as his company was on the brink of success he decided that a new leader was required to push Arctic Enterprises over the edge. Hetteen receded from the bustling activity pervading Arctic Enterprises but he did not disappear altogether. Years later, Hetteen would return, but during the interim, Arctic Enterprises would grow into the flourishing concern he had long sought.


1963-64 Miss Wisconsin, Barbara Bonville


1964 Arctic Cat prototype forklift

Prototype Arctic Cat forklift that Edgar Hetten himself left in Aaron Johnson's shed. It was built by Ronnie and Roger Skime and was used to load trucks at Cat for many years. Edgar Hetten brought it home and it was left with the land and buildings when Aaron bought it.


1964 Arctic Cat newsletter "Howl"


1964 Arctic Cat distributors meeting


1964 Arctic Cat newsletter "Howl"


1964 Miss Arctic Cat, Judy Iverson


1964 Steve Rugland in Norway


1964 Sparky Meyer and Bill Burkhardt


1964 Arctic Catting is in


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